photos on this page by my good friend, Kim Ginn.

I’m Jodean. Wife. Mama. Artist. Looking for beauty in the world around me. My home is a little 1934 craftsman on one acre in the beautiful Ozarks, where I live with my husband, two boys, three cats and twelve chickens (aka my little slice of heaven on earth).

It’s a busy life—crazy sometimes— raising this little family of ours, but so very full of the good stuff too. When I sarted this blog many years ago as an adoption journal, I never imagined it would become what it has. Although our dream of adoption didn’t turn out as planned and has yet to be fulfilled, this space has continued to be an outlet for me—through grief and celebration, trials and victories. It has grown and matured and evolved along with me through the birth of two sons and the loss of a daughter, and the many everyday, ordinary moments between. Through this blog, I have been able to share information and raise awareness about a rare congenital condition called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, which my youngest son was diagnosed with in utero, and connect with other families travelling this road with us, many of whom I now count as lifelong friends.

Most of all, this blog serves as a place of encouragement—for myself and hopefully others—to slow down sometimes and savor the little moments of joy and peace in the midst of this crazy, wonderful life.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your photography. My fav. is of your little boy with his jeans on backward watching his rolls cook. I too live in Arkansas. Love the bag you made in 2008 which is how I found your site.

      • I have stumbled across your blog while researching ACC. My wife and I received news during my wife’s 18th week appointment that our daughter has ACC. We are about two and half weeks or so away from delivery.We have a 13 month old already who was born perfectly healthy and so as you know the news was quite shocking to us.

  2. Hi! You have a nice blog here. I had to check you out since my blog has the same name, but you get all the Google hits because your domain name matches. I guess you got it first! 🙂 Keep up the good work raising those two little guys. I remember the days and then I had a girl to top it all off. Keep having fun and blogging is a great way to preserve the memories. 🙂

  3. Love love love your blog! My 7 year old was diagnosed with ACC the day after he was born….it’s amazing that after all the worry and stress, it turns out that we too have a wonderful child that astounds us with his brilliance every day! Thanks for sharing your story…

  4. Your photos and writing are easy on the mind and soul. I have a granddaughter with c-ACC who is a little over six months old. In my searching for information your blog turned up. Thank you for taking time and energy to share your life.

  5. Hello! This is exactly what I needed to stumble upon tonight. I’m a wife mother of a 6 yr old son and a 3 yr old daughter and 32 weeks with #3. Today we were told our precious gift from God has ACC. Thank you for sharing your experiences:) God Bless

  6. Hey! I’ve only read a few of your posts but have recently been diagnosed with the same ACC and severe ventriculomegaly in our son. Desperate to talk to someone who is further along in the journey As opposed to the medical journals I cannot understand! I’m sure you are busy but would love to chat as you are able❤️

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