Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 2|52 Choo choo! I love that everything about this picture says “Zeke.” From the stripey socks to the hat (always in a hat. always.) to the puckered lips of a little boy “choo choo” sound. He is facinated with trains at the moment and loves the train page in his Richard Scarry Best Ever Word Book (his favorite book). We have other train books, but doesn’t like them nearly as well as this one. He will bring it to me and say “choo choo” when he wants me to find the page for him, then drag it back to his favorite reading nook. We happen to live near the tracks too, so he can hear the train when it passes by. The conductor even waved to him one day when we were downtown!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 2|52 TVbot. We went on an impromptu museum visit last Friday to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Miles was mesmorized by this sculpture. If you know Miles, you know he has a bit of a screen addiction. To the point that we have to set strict limits on the amount of time he spends watching programs on TV or playing games on the iPad. He thought it was pretty neat to see screens in a different context. I love that he is old enough to visit the museum and really take interest in the artwork. He was full of questions and commentary about what he saw while we were there, and is still bringing it up in conversation.


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