Meet Penelope

So, about this moving thing…

Our new home:

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We named her Penelope, and the four of us will be living in this twelve foot vintage Scottsman trailer for the next 4 weeks. Are we crazy, you ask? Maybe. Probably. But, life’s an adventure, right? 😉 Also, we’ve both talked about getting a little vintage camper, and this seemed like a good excuse. It will be a better deal than renting for a month, plus we will have something to show at the end. Win-win.

Our other new home is a beautiful 1930s craftsman-style home on a full acre just next to downtown. That backs up to a wooded ravine. And has a studio. And a big front porch. and TWO fireplaces (one in the master bedroom!). And a beautiful, huge magnolia tree. And built in floor-to-ceiling bookcases in the dining room… (can you tell I’m a bit excited;) Really, I couldn’t dream up a more perfect place if I tried. They day we first saw it, sitting there with a for-sale sign in the yard, we both did a double take. We never dreamed it was within our price range. Joking, we pulled over to get an info sheet and started making guesses as to how much it would be. We were surprised at the price (still a bit out of our range, but close). We made a low-ball offer to get it in our range just because we knew we would always regret it if we didn’t, and they accepted! Didn’t even counter us! It’s like it was meant to be:) There is a month overlap between our closings (our current house sold in THREE days, so we were scrambling!), hence the travel trailer. But I am looking at it as a chance to slow down after this mad dash and live more simply for a few weeks until we move into the new place and life gets crazy again. At the very least, it’ll be interesting;)


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