Oh sure, they have their fair share of squabbles like any siblings. I recently found a crayon-scrawled sign posted in the kitchen that traslated roughly to: “No baby brothers, no kitties, no monster trucks. Tractors okay.” And at least once a day, Miles lets out a now familiar scream and I come running to pry his hand or foot loose from the clenches of Zeke’s ferocious jaws (yep, he’s a biter). But there are also these moments. Lots and lots of them.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Moments where big brother slows down and demonstrates patience I didn’t even realize he was capable of as he gently, carefully helps little brother figure something out. How build a tower of blocks, how to turn the pages of a book and make the noises of the animals pictured inside, how to climb the playground steps, or how to un-stick his dumptruck from some tight predicament he’s wedged it into… Moments when I peek my head in to see why my boys are sleeping in past nine only to find Miles sitting on his bed across from Zeke’s reading him a story. Moments when, after a fall or a scare, even Mama’s hugs and kisses can’t soothe tears the way brother’s can.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I watch Zeke watching Miles. Focused, studying his every move. Trying his very best to keep up as he follows in big brother’s footsteps.

And my heart swells. This is what I always dreamt of for my boys, happening right before my eyes. To see their bond growing and strengthening is magic. Pure and simple.


2 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Hi there Jodean,
    I found your blog through an ACC website. First, you have a beautiful family and I love your photography! Second, reading your blog I came across your entry with the picture of your son walking and where you talk about his ACC. I just want you to know how much it means to me that you do share your story because of people like you it makes it a little easier to stay strong. My son is 7 weeks old now and when I was 24 weeks pregnant he was diagnosed with a cyst in between the two hemispheres of his brain which caused C-ACC. There isn’t a lot of information or people to talk about it with so I live for inspiring blogs like yours. So thank you for sharing!


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