(A few instagram moments because I have been slacking in the “real” photo department lately… 1. My quilt is coming along! 2. Wildflowers bloomin’ 3. My sweeties 4. New art supplies 5. always lots of books 6. Digging out and dusting off an old treasure 7. Climbing boy 8. First ice cream cone 9. Papa’s truck)

So you may have noticed this thing where the amount of blogging that I do, (or honestly, the amount of anything productive that I do) is inversely proportional to Zeke’s increasing level of mobility. Tell me I’m not the only mother that this happens to…

He is ALL OVER THE PLACE. And some days I feel like it is all I can do just to keep up with him! Poor guy is always covered with bruises, scrapes, bumps, grass/mud stains and has even sported a couple of busted lips (and that explains that scarcity of pictures of both of my boys at this age;). I worry about him constantly, but every time he falls, he just pops right back up and continues on his way undaunted. His curiousity and wonder at the world around him are inspiring. To him, every mundane detail, every bug, rock, puddle, stick, or handful of mud are magic. He belly laughs and squeals with delight at the feel of the playground sand between his toes. He lights up at the sight of a squirrel through the living room window. He jabbers to his shadow like it’s an old friend when he spies it on the bedroom wall. These days- they may be exhausting, but they are so, so good.

And Miles —my quirky, bookish, curious, not-so-little Miles— is learning so much right now. He devours books, and his interests shift daily from volcanos to crickets to outer space… and everything in between. He told me yesterday that he wants to be an “all-ologist” when he grows up so he can study everything because it is just too hard to decide on one thing. (this was after the “birthday-partyologist phase he recently went through) I have found myself having to work much harder to come up with a steady supply of projects, expiraments, and activities to keep him occupied (and to ward off his screen addiction). It’s sort of a fun challenge for me as I more and more seriously consider homeschooling him. He is also starting swim lessons this summer and violin in the fall (eek! I am so excited about the violin! Maybe he’ll be the fiddle to my banjo someday:)

And here’s the part where, if I didn’t have a gazillion things to do before my rambunctious 19 month old wakes up from his nap, I would craft a witty, seamless transition to our Memorial Day weekend adventures at Lake Wedington. Or an elegant bit of prose about the restorative powers of nature (you know, those relaxing moments when we weren’t fishing a kid out of the lake or untangling the fishing line again). But alas, there is a pile of laundry calling my name and a four year old who has just about used up his tv alottment for the day… An abrubt jump to a bunch of pictures will have to suffice for now. Enjoy!

my bucket hat obsession continues: new Oliver+S hats for the boys

He was a frog for the rest of the hike. And let me tell you, it takes FOREVER for a little boy pretending to be a frog to hop all the way back to the car…

love this.

We never catch anything. Not even sure he realizes that fishing usually involves catching a fish on that line…

barefootin’ of course



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