A few new dolls

My latest batch of dolls were made for my cousins’ kids. I had a lot of fun with this group, designing some new outfit styles, crochet and felt shoes and hairstyles. I am particularly excited about the little lavender jumper on Kaia’s doll, which is fully reversible, and the hair on Tayshaun’s doll, which I tediously wound around a pen to make the curls then hand stitched in place. Lots of love stitched into these guys 🙂

sisters Sydney and Kaia





I am thinking about making a batch of dolls to try to sell on Etsy now that I have several under my belt and am becoming more confident. We’ll see. I definitely see more dolls in my future!


7 thoughts on “A few new dolls

  1. You have to sell these! They’re adorable! I so want one for my son…they could be the new generation of cabbage patch kids. I feel like I’m gushing, but I just love these sweet things so much, and I’m really jealous of how talented you are!

  2. Those are supper cute. I’ve been making dolls for family members for a few years now and I’ve never been able to get the Waldorf doll pattern to work for me. Yours look so good!

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  4. Precious! I love them. They are just perfect. I have made a few as well, but more needle felting lately…with kids around it’s hard to do anything. Mine can be viewed up inspiration “my art” at 365daymiracles.com.

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