thrifted blanket thriftscore!

peekabo baby

So much potential. Nevermind that most of them won’t survive my black thumb… it’s all about hope 😉

Naturally dyed eggs. Awesomeness. Tutorial coming- hold me to it!

this kid smiles with his whole face. Love it!!!

Lately, I’ve been:

:: marvelling at their curiosity and passion to learn. It’s inpiring.

:: contemplating, more seriously than ever, the idea of homeschooling my boys

:: wondering where Spring went? March seems colder and wetter than January and February this year.

:: plugging along with the Spring traditions nevertheless.

:: spending lots of these chilly days indoors making and doing. Oh, and at the library (of course)

:: Itching to get out in the dirt of our tiny, pitiful, financially not worth it but oh-so-worth-it garden plot (and hoping a few of the seedlings we have started survive those darn cats that keep jumping on the table and munching on them…)

:: working to finish up some projects around the house so we can LIST IT! (Again, maybe with better luck this time!)

:: dreaming about our home in the country that is starting to feel like it just may be out there after all…

:: wondering how I am ever going to manage to keep the house show-ready tidy with two kiddos and three cats…

:: trying, really trying to break out of this blogging rut so I have more to present than half-coherent, random ramblings and massive photo dumps.

:: living and loving, sometimes gracefully, mostly clumsily, always passionately. And enjoying (almost) every moment 🙂

*check it out! I am using my 35mm prime lens and not cursing it! Photo nerds- if you have a lens that is consistantly soft or blurry, dig out your SLR manuals or google “how to calibrate a lens to your camera.” Oh, and back button focusing. Your welcome 😉 This lens used to severely back focus. To the point I never used it except in bright outdoor light where I could set a tiny aperature (no fun!) but it works like a charm now! My new fav.


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