A St. Patricks Day sweater and an afternoon drive in the country

It wasn’t intentional that this sweater would be finished just in time for St. Patricks Day. Or that it would be so green. I have a bad habit of being distracted by pretty little skeins yarn and not really invisioning what it will look like all knitted up in a big sweater… surely I’m not only one? Oh, and did I mention it was on clearance?

Other than my less than ideal yarn choice (verigated for a sweater? really, Jodean?) and some color pooling in a few places, I am very pleased with how this sweater turned out. The pattern is the Trust Pullover from Kristen TenDyke’s Finish-Free Knits that I checked out from our local library (which has been rocking the new aquisitions lately, btw!). The patterns in ths book are wonderful, all but eliminating the dreaded “seaming up” and all the bulky, weird seams I invariably end up with in knitting more traditional patterns. I over-lengthened the arms just a tad, but better that than too short, I always say 🙂 A very classic, well fitting pattern that I may just have to revisit someday with a more subdued yarn. Thanks to my husband, Stephen for helping me photograph it.

Details on my Ravelry Page.

These photos were all taken on a Sunday afternoon drive (sort of a tradition for Stephen and me; we fell in love over long Sunday afternoon-drive conversations many years ago. Now, the kids nap, and we drive, and talk, and enjoy the scenery of this breathtaking little corner of the world (aka Arkansas) we are lucky enough to call home.)

Bridge at the Baptist Ford church north of West Fork, AR. On of my very favorite magic-light spots

See that little house at the top of the mountain? Ahhh, what I would give to live there…

One lane bridge south of West Fork, AR.


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