— I mentioned the other day that I uploaded a bunch of pictures from my camera. Fair warning! 😉 —

Winter is the time for making stuff around here, and while I certainly feel like this winter has been less productive than usual, I realize as I reflect and look back through pictures that I really have been working on a lot of projects. Soon the days will be longer. We will be headed outside more and more, gardening, hiking, playing, soaking up the every increasing (and very welcome) sunlight. There will be fewer opportunities to sit for a quiet minute and knit or sew. As I regain some of my energy (and free time after the boys are in bed!) I have been in somewhat of a making frenzy, attempting to make up for lost time. Here are a few of the things that have been on my needles/at the sewing machine/in my hands this winter:

We have been in desperate need of a few “replacement” diaper covers lately, and looky at this cute PUL fabric I got on sale at Joann’s! A quick an very practical project done! (I blogged a tutorial for diaper covers with gussets years ago, and plan to update it soon. I have gained a lot of CD experience since I wrote it, and these new covers are really, well, no comparison! Size adjustable, snaps instead of velcro, and of course, cute PUL fabric.)

Not really a made project, but these two very random thrifting finds (a pretty, old muffin tin, and someone’s rock/seashell collection) accidentally turned into hours of educational entertainment for Miles so I thought it was worth mentioning. We got home around lunch time, so I just dumped all of our thrift store finds on the table while I fixed lunch. I came back to find that my new muffin tin had become a sorting tray for Miles’s rocks and shells, and he was happily categorizing, small shells, smooth rocks, corals, etc… It has lived on the table (with the addition. Of a small magnifying glass and sketch pad) since, where it is visited regularly. Thrift score!

Bringing a bit of nature in with terrariums.

Weave in ends, check! (Yes, I am one of “those” knitters who gets to this final step and jumps ahead to a new project. I think one of these projects was started in 2010…)
Top to bottom: tacky but fun handwarmers (practicing fair-isle), Soda Shop hoodlet, scarf that became a neckwarmer when I ran out of yarn, and a very, very green sweater . (Yarn was on clearance, what can I say?)

Zeke’s Owlie that ended up fitting Miles instead (one of these days I will actually knit a gauge swatch before I start a project!)

the dollies look a little bit creepy at this stage…

and speaking of dollies, it occured to me that I never posted any pictures of these girls (finished in December). I am loving the handspun, hand-dyed hair on this one!

currently on the needles: Hitchhiker scarf in Knitpicks stroll, thunderhead.

And last but not least, one of Stephen’s projects (I’m rubbing off on him!)

What are you working on?


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