Birthdays and such

30. Yes, I have arrived. And what a welcome my thirties had in store for me. The last couple of weeks have been exhausting, I’m not gonna lie. And scary. I spent my 30th birthday in the hospital with heart arrythmias that the cardiologist deemed troubling enough to admit me for two days. I did finally get some good news though, that the troubling spells were not v-tach like I was originally told, but AIVR. A relatively benign arrythmia, though it is still scary and uncomfortable and exhausting. All tests (echo, stress echo, ekgs) have shown that my heart itself is healthy, and my cardiologist strongly suspects that the arrythmias are related to my thyroid disorder. (And I am on a 14 dy heart monitor just to be extra certain tht all is okay)

So I am behind on everything, I haven’t stayed up past 8ish in… I can’t even remember, I am lightheaded from the medication I am on to treat the arrythmias, but I am alive, and I am grateful. And I am learning to be more patient with myself as I recover.

Enough about me, I am not the only one who had a birthday around here:

These birthdays of his are coming faster and faster, I swear!

We started off the day with a trip to the library (one of Miles’s very favorite activities!) for story time, then drove up to meet Papa for a lunch of pupusas (another of Miles’s favorites) in Rogers. On the way home, we stopped by Toys-R-Us so he could spend a liitle birthday money from Grandma, then the pet store to pick out a new fish. We finished the day with a little outside time (oh, the beautiful weather we have had lately!), some ice cream, and a game of candyland. We will have a few friends over for cupcakes this weekend.

(I apologize for he lack of “real camera” pictures lately. Hopefully they will return now that I seem to be on the mend. For now a few instagrams will have to do!)

What an honor it is watching this boy grow and learn. He is becoming such a smart, creative, funny, and caring kid. He loves reading, writing, drawing, puzzles, and despite my best efforts, TV (don’t judge, these past few weeks have been rough! 😉 He loves being outside -something we try to make at least a little time for every day- although you’ll more likely find him lying in the grass watching a bug with a magnifying glass than running around playing. His current obsessions are planets and volcanos, and if you happen to stop by, he will talk your ear off about either subject. Unless he is a cat the day that you stop by. Then he will just meow.

Love this fish drawing!

Miles, I hope you carry your passion, love of learning, and curiousity with you all your life. Happy fourth birthday, Son!


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