Walk it out

I really like to keep this space positive, but to be perfectly honest, I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I started out the new year riding a wave of energy and inspiration, only to have the wind knocked out of me the last week and a half or so, first by some crazy health wierdness for both myself and my husband, then the flu times 4, and now this lingering cold-weather, short-days, cabin-feever, winter blues thing that always catches me a bit off guard this time of year. Oh yeah, and I’m turning 30 next week. Which, I realize is hardly unique and really not that big of a deal, it just has me doing a lot of thinking lately. Way too much thinking.

I woke up the other day and I had just had enough of that. If there is anything that my experience working through post-partum anxiety last year has taught me it is that attitude is 9/10ths of the problem. That, and you’re never really done working through anything like this. Just as soon as you let your guard down, something will happen and that funk will start to creep its way back into your life. So, I got up, went for a walk in the (cold!) sunshine, told myself it was going to be a better day, and you know what? It was. Not great. I was still exhausted, Miles was still hacking up some nasty stuff, Stephen had to miss a day of work, the house was, to put it mildly, a disaster (and still kind of is), but is was a better day. Nothing like a walk in the sunshine to work things out. I have been making more of an effort to make sure we get outside for at least a few minutes every day now, no matter what the weather. Some days are easier than others, but it does us all a world of good!

Nature, the sunshine, my boys: these are medicine for my soul.

A little photo randomness:

he has been so serious lately… turning into such a big boy

finished this gnome hat for Zeke (it has a cuter, wooden button now)

we walked to the park and I attempted to photograph him in it

most of the pictures turned out like this

…or this

but we got a few. Such a cute little gnome!

my other cutie

we may not have our home in the country yet, but this view from the park down the road is the next best thing

Get out and soak up a little sunshine if you have some! Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “Walk it out

  1. Thanks to you and your lovely post, we (me and my, not so little, cutie) are heading out into the SUNSHINE today (despite the very cold temperature) for a walk under the beaming blue sky, to soak up the warmth of those positive-producing rays! (that are a rare occurrence during winter in Oregon) : )

  2. love this! i’m with ya! looking forward to lighter days, and trying to take outside time as much as possible! and i love the look of your blog, here. did you design it? i’m so new to all this, and want to gussy my lil spot up 🙂

  3. Thanks, Nicolette! My blog design is just one of the basic WordPress themes called Forever. I actually have been wanting to do something more original with the header, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. In the mean time I like the clean look ofthis theme, especially since I post so many photos.

  4. I just love your blog! It has been very inspiring. I was wondering though you made a patchwork blanket back in 2010 i believe and i was wondering what i would search to get the pattern, i am a very new knitter but loved this and was hoping tomake thi s for a very special friend and new baby. thanks if you can help me.

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