For the birds

Anyone else have a few of these around left over from the Thanksgiving/Fall decor?

Anyone else ever feel bad just throwing them out? (Funny story: one year I came across a clearance bin after Thanksgiving and these were being sold for a penny. A penny! Frugal me decided that for a penny, I would take a chance that they were good to eat and bought a cart load and cooked them up. For the record, the solid orange ones aren’t bad. The stripey ones? Not recommended!)

Anyways, this year we didn’t have a cart load, but we did have a few. What to do with them?
I remembered seeing some pumpkin bird-feeders floating around the internet, and figured mini pumpkin bird feeders would be even cuter. After all, aren’t most things cuter in miniature?

Just slice off the top and scoop out the seeds (you can save those for the birds too if you want, or if you happen to have chickens, they LOVE them!). Poke a few holes in them (I started the holes with the tip of a knife, then punched through the rest of the way with a chopstick) then string them up with twine. Have the kiddos pour in a couple scoops of birdseed, and hang them out for your little feathered friends.

A quick, easy and cute nature craft for kiddos. Miles has enjoyed watching the different species the have been showing up in our yard. You could check out a field guide or bird drawing book (I’m digging this one– It’s really meant for adults or older kids, but don’t tell Miles that!) from the library and make a whole nature lesson out of it!


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