I know this blog has been quiet lately, and that my recent posts haven’t been especially substantive and I apologize for that. I can’t even say I have a good excuse, although I will attempt one by saying that with this busy time of year, a Holiday weekend with family, a stomach virus x 7 (yes, tiny little Zeke turned out to have the most robust immune system of us all, and was the only one spared!), saying goodbye to my sister and the kids as they returned to Florida this week (and all the catch-up cleaning that 8 people + one dog and three cats in a small house for a few months requires) and and a whole hodge-podge of little, mundane life issues piled on top of eachother, I just haven’t carved out the time that this space deserves.

I hope to get back in my swing soon. I’m getting there. I have a handful of unfinished drafts that I am determined to finish, including one that has been nearly a year in the making about my struggle through post-partum anxiety after Zeke was born and the journey that healing thas taken me on. But for now, nothing heavy. Just gratitude (I didn’t forget!) And pictures (oh, the pictures I need to catch up on!) Enjoy! 🙂

my beautiful niece, Willow

I am so grateful for this time my children have had with their cousins, and I have had with my sister. Watching our families grow up through facebook and email and phone calls sucks, there’s no other way to put it. This time we have had together has been precious.

Miles and Willow

handsome Brock

cutie pie Wyatt

oh, those eyes! Three and a half years, and they still slay me every time!

I am grateful for the abundance in my life; of quality, nutritious food (and access to it), love and family, a home to live in, freedom, good health and access to quality medical care… I am so, so blessed. I don’t take it for granted. I am aware that these basic things are the very things that so many struggle for on a daily basis.

I am grateful for my handy husband, and another project checked off the list- the bunk beds he finished while all the kiddos were here finially got the final coat of paint and the room a deep cleaning. Miles loves his new big boy bed (he’ll be on the bottom bunk for a while yet) We also moved Zeke’s crib in here with Miles so we officially have our room to ourselves now. Woo Hoo!

We got back out bunch of toys that were in temporary storage with so many kids here. It’s like an early Christmas!

Getting into the Christmas spirit with some hot cocoa and the Grinch

Happy December everyone!


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