This week

In gratitude:

Five: Autumn in the Ozarks. All I can say is WOW!

Six: My voice and the freedom to express it on this election day. Even as I cast my vote, I was humbled knowing that this is an opportunity that many others in this world, and even historically in our own country, have not been granted.

Seven: Abigail Washburn on Pandora. You’re welcome. 😉 (This banjo kick I’m on just isn’t going away…)

Eight: My sister (both of them actually, but for Jeanien specifically today). I won’t lie and say we have gotten along perfectly the last couple of months since she has been staying with us, but I know we have come a long way since high school. She really is one of my closest friends, and it has been really nice having a quilting/yard-saling/baking/hiking buddy around who is older than three.

Nine: My hands and the many ways I am able to use them everyday.

Ten: Did I mention autumn in the Ozarks?!? Specifically Lost Valley, one of the very extra-special spots in this wide world of ours. (and a beautiful, mild fall day to soak it in)

Eleven: For those who have risked their lives for the freedom I enjoy today, especially the veterans in my life; My Papa and Dad (Korean and Gulf wars, respectively) and my sister, brother and his girlfriend, and two brother-in-laws who are currently serving in the military. Thank you.



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