• contemplating a haircut for Miles, but finding myself reluctant to part with those sweet blond curls…
• rescuing my cheeseburger from certain destruction in the nick of time. I swear that kid is a bottomless pit!
• creating at the Crystal Bridges kid’s studio
• enjoying a lot more time outdoors as cooler fall air makes its way into our neck of the woods
• remembering Hope, and thinking butterfly cookies might just have to become a birthday tradition
• planning my next quilt (or two, or three…) and finally finding the perfect shade of orange (oh yes, lots and lots of orange is in my quilting future!)
• listening to Time for Three on Pandora (wow!) and thinking a violin for Miles might pair nicely with my whole learning to play the banjo scheme
• breathing in the aroma of homemade chicken stock simmering in the crockpot (I just love soup weather! Who am I kidding, I love soup all year long;) and a bunch of fresh basil on the counter ready to be made into (even more) pesto.
•benefitting from the bit of a rebound recent rain has brought to our sorry little garden- lots of chard (of course), a bit more Kholrabi, a lone tomato or two, and even a couple of peppers!
•brimming with pride (and maybe a happy tear or two!) as I witnessed my 3 1/2 year old read his very first words. I’ll never forget how excited he was the moment that it clicked and he realized he could do it!
• hoping that he carries that love of reading with him for the rest of his life
• feeling immensely grateful for all of the good things in my life right now


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