Road trip 2012: A few favorite moments

I have been trying to get this road trip post up for over a week now, but between back to back colds for me and the boys, a mountain of wedding photos to slog through, putting up all the apples and sweet corn Grandma Jo sent back with us from South Dakota (thanks, Grandma!), a few random prior commitments, cleaning up after my husband who turned the house into a bachelor pad while I was gone, trying to finish a quilt for the Shiloh quilt fair Saturday, and just general life with two small kiddos, it has taken longer than I hoped. I kept a journal while I was gone because I wanted to get my memories down while they were fresh, and fully intended to write a long, detailed post about our adventures once I got back. I guess it is time to admit that isn’t going to happen, and just go with the highlights instead:

Zeke met his cousin Bruce (less than 1 month apart in age) for the first time. I think they are going to be great buddies!

taking a picnic lunch out to Ayers Natural Bridge has become somewhat of a tradition when I visit My parents. It is an absolute gem of a park, just a few miles off the interstate down in a steep valley- you could right drive by and never know it was there!

We also visited register cliff, where immigrants travelling on the Oregon Trail stopped to carve their names in the soft rock of the cliffs. When I imagined the “ruts” left by the wagons, I could have never guessed that they are three or four feet deep in parts.

the ruins at Ft. Laramie

It was also Zeke’s first time to meet his Great Grandpa Reed.

After spending several days in Wyoming, we headed east to South Dakota and my grandparent’s ranch. My Papa has lived here, in this same house, since he was Miles’s age. My mom grew up here and I spent many a summer here as a child. Four generations now have climbed this old, sagging elm.

exploring the now empty barn

somebody loves his Papa Wayne!

Whew! It feels good to get this post taken care of…more on the happenings since we have returned coming soon.


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