Four years ago we dragged home a scraggly little apple tree from the clearance garden section and finally, we have:


Our very first harvest from our own tree yielded just 26 apples, but they are delicious and we have been enjoying them very much. I really love apple season here in the Ozarks, although it is a shame that so few orchards remain in what was once one of the countries leading apple producing regions. (Our subdivision was actually built where an orchard once grew). My dream is to have a small orchard someday. Hopefully not too far in the future either 🙂

With our apple harvest already nearly gone (I told you they were good!) I’m thinking a trip to Vanzant’s Fruit Market may be in order soon!

More from our first harvest:

they are Galas in case you were wondering, and the tree is self-pollinating, although I’m sure itbwould probably set on more fruit if we had room for another tree. Someday….


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