I have a favorite quilt. It was made by Stephen’s great grandmother, and it is a hodgepodge of colors, prints, and textures. Some of the fabrics have held up better than others, and there are a few places that are in dire need of a new patch. Over the past nine years, I have become quite familiar with this quilt. it has accompanied our family on many a picnic, we have spread it out under the stars to watch fireworks, we have cuddled under it against the winter cold, used it to cover our kitchen table fort, and we (I mean Miles, of course. Ahem…) love nothing more than jumping on a quilt-covered bed.

Maybe I love it so much because it reminds me of life. All of its colorful, mismatched fragments; some beautiful, some frayed and torn, some soft and delicate, others bright and bold, some dark and plain, others vibrant and fun, a few downright ugly. All stitched together and wrapped around us in one big cozy whole.

There are so many little moments in my life right now that I want to capture and hold on to; to snip and stitch into the fabric of my memory like a patchwork quilt. Fleeting memories of my children growing and discovering the world around them that are so easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of life, funny things that three-year-olds say, snapshots of a moment I want to remember always…

So if you don’t mind indulging me a rather random text/photo blog post, patchwork style, of a few recent moments I want to remember:

like the way he jams out to the music in his head when he’s pretending he’s Jack Johnson.

or how he pretends to be a different animal every few days, down to the details. Last week it was a bird, and he slept in a beanbag “nest” and requested only worms for dinner (he settled for spaghetti and green beans). Before that, he was a puppy and spent an entire day speaking nothing but “woof.” Currently, he is a peguin.

I want to remember our quiet afternoons together while Zeke is napping, when we read our library books- big stacks of them- or make messy artwork, or “work” in the garden together (because mixing mud by hand aparently helps plants grow), and the way he puts off his own nap by repeatedly getting out of bed to request more kisses from Mama because he knows I’m a sucker…

I want to remember the little rituals, like family dinners, that bring a rythm to our days. And I want to remember that today, when we went around the table and shared our favorite thing from the day, Miles said “when Mama said to lay down and go to sleep and I kissed her like this: Mwwwaaaa!” 🙂

I want to remember the way he crinkles up his nose when he laughs

and this one? I am completely smitten with that newly-toothy smile and those big blue eyes

ladies, eat your hearts out…

Zeke’s a cuddlebug, and he wears me out with his constant need for attention, but I remind myself just how quickly this time is passing and let myself slow down and soak in those snuggles while they last. Even in the last week or two he is beginning to show his independence rolling all over the place, and coming very close to sitting on his own.

His joy is infectious. He is always smiling, blowing raspberries, jabbering… And he adores big brother:

I want to remember how happy the make eachother, and how happy that makes me

I want to remember just how beautiful right now is.

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