Summer Bounty

Summer is a season of bounty in the Ozarks, despite the unrelenting heat and lack of rain we have recently endured. How blessed we are to live in a place of such abundance. We have been making a point of being more conscience of where are food comes from, and eating local foods more. There is really such a huge variety of food grown and produced right here in NWA. Here’s a peak at a few of the delicious things that have found their way to our table lately:

Blackberry season is pretty much over, but it was wonderful while it lasted. Wewere able to pick about 5 gallons before the end of the season, thanks to a spring that feeds the patch on Stephen’s family’s land. They have found their way into lots of yummy cakes, muffins, crisps, and smoothies, and as a topping for yogurt, oatmeal and cereal. We also got some yummy rasberries from our NWA Local Harvest CSA.

thanks to my friend Brandi for the delicious strawberries!

Oh, how I miss our chickens! Thankfully our CSA subscription has been supplying us with fresh eggs all summer.


we have a wonderful orchard just a few miles from our house (Vanzant’s, in case you’re wondering) that has a market with all kinds of fresh local produce, jams and jellies, honey, and handcrafts. We went last weekend for u-pick peaches

I canned quite a few peaches in water for Zeke, and did a small batch of lower-sugar jam, and a lot of them went in the freezer with the blackberries. And don’t you just love the vintage apron from my Mom:)

fresh tomatoes. Oh yes, they are ripe now, although the heat is definitely starting to take a toll on the vines…

Swiss chard! My favorite plant to grow! Even I don’t seem capable of killing it 😉 it is wonderful in salads, sauteed, or chopped and added to soups (similar to kale)

And to look forward to:
kolrahbi, acorn squash, and apples!

Unfortunately, the carrots, beets, and peppers aren’t doing so well for us this year. Thank goodness for the farmer’s market!

What local foods are you enjoying this summer?

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