Vacation, part two

So, yeah, it is taking me a while to catch up on everyday life after our vacation. A teething, rolling baby (he figured it out last Tuesday, and there’s no stopping him now! Who needs crawling anyways?) and a three year old tend to take up most of my time during the day, which is exactly the way it should be if you ask me 🙂

But it does mean there is sometimes precious little time for blogging (and, ahem, mopping the floor…)

Florida was lovely. I wish that Stephen would have been able to come, but he started his new job (yay!!!) the same week. So we piled into my parents’ vehicle without him- three adults and five kiddos total- for a road trip. That was…. Interesting 🙂 But we did eventually make it to my sister’s home near Pensecola.

somebody loves his Aunt Jeanien!

fun with cousins

Uncle Blaine’s alarm clock

Ross’s rank ceremony

cousin Wyatt got so worn out, heliterally fell asleep on the kitchen floor! (I felt like doing the same a couple of times!)

watching dolphins at the aquarium

it was both boys’ first trip to the beach!

I kind of wish I would have tken a few more beach pictures, but my hands were a little full most of the time, and I was a little freaked out by the thought of getting sand/water in my camera! It was beautiful though!

I am so excited that I get to see my family twice this summer! I am taking the boys back home to Wyoming for my sister’s wedding next month. Yay!


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