The day after

The day after a vacation or family visit is always too quiet… I woke up early to start cleaning up the aftermath of five young children (three nephews + Miles and Zeke) and all of the toys, little bits of paper and playdough, rocks, shells, and messes that come with the territory. My parents and three of my nephews were here for a couple of weeks (minus the few days that we all drove down to Florida together to see Aunt Jeanien, Uncle Blaine, and Uncle Ross) and they left for home yesterday. I spent the morning sweeping, mopping, washing laundry (with breaks to feed a hungry baby, paint with a toddler, and edit photos sqeezed in). Now, with the boys napping, no crumbs underfoot, and the last load of clean sheets and guest towels folded and put away, the full weight of this quietness is sinking in. Neices and nephews grow up entirely too fast if you ask me! Especially when they live halfway across the country.

It was crazy, as it always is when so many people sqeeze into a small house and uspet their usual routines, but it was so wonderful to see my family. Makes me a wee bit jealous that Stephen’s side of the family is so much closer than mine!

We took in several activities while they were here in Arkansas, but we also made sure there was plenty of down time to just hang out.

It was Zeke’s first visit with Grandma Rhonda and Papa Craig!

I love seeing Miles and his cousins together!

crazy Elliot in the background!

before the drive-in movie- we saw Brave

We also took in some culture at the beautiful Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, but of course, I forgot to bring my camera along for that one! The kids were actually very well behaved for such a grown-up activity after we bribed them with a trip to the splash park in Bentonville afterwards. And on their last day here, we had a wonderfully messy morning making art of our own (I may have tipped the scales in my favor as the coolest Aunt ever with my awesome origami skills šŸ˜‰ )

Pictures from Florida will have to come in my next post. The house is, after all, quieter than it has been in days. I think I am going to steal a moment for me now before the boys wake up šŸ™‚


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