A seat cover for Zeke

We recently got Zeke a Bumbo seat after his physical therapist recommended it to help him sit upright and stregthen his core muscles. Soon after getting the Bumbo, I decided that I must come up with a cover- both to make it a little more comfortable for my sweetie in the sticky, hot summer weather, and because it is, well, ugly and purple.

I do love the internet 🙂 A quick google search landed me on this free tutorial for a foam baby seat cover. My first attempt (with the cute fabric I picked out) unfortunately ended up in the scrap-quilt pile, but I was determined to figure it out, even if it meant sacrificing a couple of old flannel receiving blankets!

A little pattern tweaking was involved (It was probably my mistake in tracing/cutting the pattern, but my first try at the base piece did not fit the seat). I decided that with something intended to fit so snuggly, it was probably better to cut the pieces a little big, then assemble them one at a time with lots of trying on, trimming, and pinning in between.

And so, Zeke’s foam baby seat cover came together:

{please excuse the poor lighting in the photos, I was to excited that it actually turned out to wait for better light! I mean, this thing has curves, and weird angles, and strange sticking-up parts… and it fits!}

{the original pattern doesn’t have a seam in the front- the blankets I used just weren’t wide enough to cut the base in one piece}

{I could just eat up those baby toes!}

{side view}

9 thoughts on “A seat cover for Zeke

  1. Ohhhh Can you make me one???? That is so cute. I don’t put Ellye in the bumbo as much as I should but if I had a nice cover I would totally use it!!!

  2. I know this post is old… but you still have the pattern? It’s no longer online and since I’m a fairly new sewer I don’t want to purchase a pattern, plus I’d only use it once, so buying seems kind of a waste. Thanks!

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