Bucket hat fever!

I love the sunshine. I really do. I try to make sure that the boys and I spend at least a few minutes outside every day and I can’t handle more than a couple of gray, rainy days in a row without starting to feel a bit blue.

That being said, my boys and I are some of the whitest folks you will meet, and we have to be careful about sun exposure or we will burn in about 5 minutes flat (okay, I exaggerate a little) Our favorite parks and outdoor spots have lots of trees, we try to go out in the morning or evening when we can (and even after dark sometimes for a moonlight walk!), we wear sensible clothing and use sunscreen when we are going to be in direct sunlight, and hats and sunglasses are diaper diaper bag essentials. I’m always looking for cute hats for the boys, so when I found this Oliver and S bucket hat pattern in a book at the library (Little Things to Sew) I got a little giddy. I have since discovered that the pattern is also available for free! on the Oliver & S website for anyone who is interested.

Zeke’s hat, size small, made with Michael Miller Frog Chow fabric

detail of my hat, adapted from the pattern to fit an adult, made with salvaged fabric (outside) and teal linen inside

Miles’s hat, size medium, tree fabric from JoAnn’s outside, yellow cotton inside. This, btw, is Miles’s “stop taking pictures of me, Mom!” face…

You can see, I have had a bit of bucket hat fever going on ever since I got home from the library with my new book. I even altered the pattern to make a hat for me. Who says grownups can’t wear bucket hats? I think Stephen is actually a little jealous that he didn’t get one.

finished just in time for our camping trip!

Hats are such a great little project for using up little bits of leftover favorite fabrics, and even if you buy new, designer materials you only need a tiny bit. According to the pattern, these hats take 1/3 yard each for the lining and outside. I gaurantee you I didn’t use that much though 😉 I had to get a bit creative with my pattern layout on Miles’s hat, but by golly, I was going to make the scraps I had on hand work! They are also quick (I spent one evening per hat, after the boys were in bed) and fun, with just enough curves and easing to keep things interesting. I already am itching to make some more, maybe with some Children at Play fabrics? And a strap to keep it on little heads on a windy day? Hmmm… Add hat maker to my list of things I want to be when I grow up!

isn’t this fabric the cutest?!?

The hats are completely reversible, by the way, it just so happened that mine all have fairly plain fabrics on the inside (using what I had!) so the will probably be worn fancy-side out most of the time.

As far as the pattern goes, it is very well written and, for me at least, went together without a hitch. I will say that it takes patience, careful pinning, clipping, and stitching to sew the curved seams without puckering, but it can be done. I also omitted the hand stitching to attach the lining cap and instead very carefully pinned it in place and topstitched the two halves together. It only looks slightly wonky in one place on the lining of Miles’s hat (another reason to wear it fancy-side out!) but worked perfectly on the other two.

On a side note, I just noticed that my 5 year blogiversary is coming up! Oh my, has it been five years?!? Stay tuned, I just might have to do some sort of giveaway to celebrate the occaision!

Oh, and another side note for those familiar with the book, the penguin backpack simply must be the next project in my queue!


3 thoughts on “Bucket hat fever!

  1. Jodean, I absolutely LOVE the hats you made! Wow! They are so cute! What a wonderful stay-at-home mommy “hat maker” business you could have. I so enjoy reading your blog and always look forward to the photos that you share. Zeke is getting so big and both of your boys are super cute and look extra super cute in their adorable hats! Oh, and….btw, I so get the whitest folks and sun comment — *is a redhead and burns in nearly 5 minutes flat, too*

  2. Beautiful hats! I just made this one in medium for my 20 month old son and would love to make one for myself. How did you make your alterations for an adult size?

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