Digging in the dirt

Bare feet. Warm sun on my back. Ready and eager assistant by my side (holding the garden hose is, of course, his favorite job). Out to our tiny patch of soil we go. It’s not much, just a sunny corner of our postage stamp lot. And we don’t claim to be master gardeners; we probably have almost as many failures as we do successes! But, there is just something about bringing to the table something that you grew yourself. Like it nourishes not just your physical body, but a little bit of your soul as well.

There are many reasons to garden: to save a few dollars on food (although many of us probably don’t if we really do the math! 😉 ), to know what is in and on your food, for exercise, because it tastes better (ever had a sun-warmed tomato fresh from the vine? Oh. My!), because it is fresher, because you want your children to know where food comes from and have a greater connection to the earth…

But probably the greatest reason, for me at least, is this: the warm sun on my back and my helper by my side. The fresh air, the sunshine, the squeal of delight when the first strawberry of the season is discovered (and promptly eaten!), the anticipation with which the apple tree’s progress is checked and measured daily, catching the scent of lavendar and mint on a sudden breeze, the feel of the moist, sun-warmed earth beneath my bare feet. Gardening for the love of gardening. Ahhh…

Our garden this year:

This year we are already enjoying lettuce and a few strawberries, loads of mint (did you know it is considered highly invasive? ;), and chives. And we are looking forward to tomatoes, apples, carrots, beets, peppers, kholrabi, swiss chard, beans, sunflowers and acorn squash. Oh, and enjoying a sweet surprise as we learned that the tree that spouted up in the corner of the yard a couple years ago turned out to be a mulberry!

What are you growing this year?


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