In the kitchen

Lots of good stuff happening In my kitchen lately…

We have been:
• Enjoying lots of kettle corn! Miles has declared this his new favorite treat, and we have been making a batch every couple of days lately. I have found that portioning a large batch into pint mason jars after cooling makes for a nice snackable amouts to send to work with Stephen or to share with Miles in the afternoon. It also prevents me from eating an entire batch in one sitting.
• Expiramenting. I had a craving for some yummy apple pie the other day, but of course I couldn’t just leave well enough alone and use my tried and true recipe! The crust was an expirament with whole wheat flour and coconut oil (tasted great, but the texture was ehh… still needs work!)
• Trying new recipes. This citrus roasted chicken earned “two thumbs up” from Miles. These homemade bagels would have earned three thumbs up if it was physically possible! Toasted and slathered in cream cheese? Yes, please!
• Working with my favorite little helper. I think my boy just might have a future as a baker. Or maybe a plumber 🙂
• Eating our veggies. I have decided that my new cast iron grill pan (thanks, Melissa) is the perfect no-fuss way to cook asparagus… just lay spears in a medium-hot, dry skillet and turn every so often until tender, drizzle with olive oil and a sqeeze of lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Yummy! I am so happy that Miles really loves to eat his veggies!
• Enjoying having friends over for dinner (a couple of times this week!) I think we need to do this more often. Who’s up for dinner at my house?


3 thoughts on “In the kitchen

  1. I love your photography and your blog. I also live in Arkansas. The pic. of your son with his pants on backwards is adorable.

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