The next step…

We took Ezekiel to Little Rock last Thursday for his MRI (and had a great time on our little “mini-vacation!) and to his first neurologist visit today. His official diagnosis is “Complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum without other abnormalities.” It was what we were expecting, based on the many ultrasounds he has had. But even though it was what we were expecting to hear, it was still a huge relief to finally have confirmation that no other abnormalities were seen. So now we can breathe a little easier, moving forward with the information we have.

So what happens next? The neurologist examined Zeke very thoroughly, checking everything from the way he focuses and tracks objects with his eyes, responds to sounds and lights and other stimuli, moves his body… She confirmed that he seems to be doing very well, but had a few minor concerns that she wants to follow up on. She has referred us to an opthamologist to more thoroughly evaluate his vision, and has recommended that we begin physical therapy with him (he tends to keep his fists tightly clenched much of the time, although overall his muscle tone appears to be very good). I have also been looking into Arkansas’s early intervention program because I know how important it can be to get an early start with any therapies he may need.
Most importantly though, we will keep doing what we have been doing: loving our sweet baby boy, marvelling over his every smile and coo, soaking up those sleepy, cuddlely moments in the rocking chair, and counting our many blessings.


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