So there comes a day in every maker’s life that the sheer quantity of materials around the house becomes overwhelming. I’m talking leftover bits of yarn from countless knitting and crochet projects, a skein here, a half-skein there… Scraps of fabric too dear and still very useable, I’m sure, to part with… Projects started long ago and abandoned along the way, ready to be repurposed into something new (or maybe even just finished)… Found materials collected on a whim and stashed away waiting for just the right inspiration to come along….

This year I have set a goal for myself to do a little stash busting; using up what I’ve got instead of always rushing out to procure more supplies every time I feel the itch to create. Really, I think I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy for the whole year!

A few “stash buster” projects I have been working on lately:

New Christmas Stockings for the family! To be honest, these did require a little new fabric, but much of the fabric, as well as the quilt batting between the layers, was leftover from other projects. Tutorial found here

Sleepy gnome rattle for Zeke, 100% stash buster! Leftover cotton yarn and batting from various projects, and a rattle reclaimed from a cheap store-bought toy. Pattern here

Hat for Miles (intended for Stephen, but that’s what happens when you don’t take the time to check guage…) made frome leftover birthday sweater cotton yarn. Pattern here

Crochet heart pattern here

I’ve been on an amigurumi kick lately, can’t you tell! (it’s perfect for stash busting!) Based on a pattern from a library book (I resized it to be smaller) I think it was called Amugurumi Toybox? don’t take my word for it though, I had several books checked out and I can’t remember which one this came from!

I have several other projects in the works, incluing one really cute, really big stash-busting flop: a vest for Zeke that I thought I had enough yarn for, but that I fell just short of finishing 😦 looks like I’m going to have to order another skein to finish it (and I’ve come to far not to finish it….)

Another stash-busting installment coming soon!


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