My little Miles turned three yesterday! Where does the time go??? One day you’re holding your tiny baby, rocking him to sleep, and then before you know it- before you’re ready- he’s trying out his independece, wanting to do everything “all by himself.” I do love this age though. (Don’t I always say that?) Full of wonder and curiosity, always exploring, searching, questioning (my, can this boy ask a LOT of questions!) believing that anything in the world is possible… Ah, yes, I hope I can always keep a little bit of three in me no matter how old I get…

We had a fun little birthday shindig on Saturday with several of Miles’s good friends. There were yummy caterpiller cupcakes, rainbow fruit cabobs, apple juice, and carrot sticks to be enjoyed, a caterpillar puppet craft project and lots of lego-building fun. I think a good time was had by all 🙂
Miles was super excited about his new soccer ball and mama-knit sweater too! (okay, maybe mama was more excited about the sweater than Miles, but he did look awfully cute in it!)

Three years of snuggles, of kisses and giggles and smiles… three years of wonderful, amazing you 🙂 Happy Birthday Miles!


3 thoughts on “Three!

  1. Happy birthday, Miles! My Lucy turns 3 next week. (I stumbled across your blog when our babies were babies, and loved your detailed description of where he was then.)

    I love your caterpillar pompoms and cupcakes!

  2. Hi There! I just stumbled upon your blog via a comment you made on SouleMama. I just wanted to say how wonderful it is. I absolutely love your Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party idea!

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