Ezekiel update

In some ways it’s hard to believe Ezekiel will soon be three months old already, but in other ways I can barely remember a time when he wasn’t part of my life. Isn’t it strange the way time works like that?

I haven’t updated the blog about his health and development lately, for several reasons. Life with a toddler and new baby is crazy enough on it’s own, but throw the holidays, Stephen’s new work/school schedule, and a difficult and unexpected struggle with post-partum depression/anxiety into the mix and a lot of things start to fall behind. But slowly, steadily, surely, I am finding a new balance. And as tough as some things have been, I want to be sure I remember how incredibly good my life is right now as well.

With all the worry and anxiety we went through before Zeke’s birth, I am very happy and relieved to say that he is doing amazingly well so far. I know we have yet to learn what challenges he may face as he contiues to grow and develop, but it seems that for now, he is exceeding everyone’s expectations. At his recent pediatrician visit, the doctor commented that if he hadn’t seen the images of Zeke’s brain, he would have abolutely no reason to think he wasn’t a typical two-month old child. Every parent gets excited as their baby reaches each new milestone- I know How giddy I got when Miles would do something new- but the feeling is tenfold with Zeke. Its like a huge weight is lifted from my chest every time he does something that we were told he may struggle with. He nursed wonderfully from the start (and is now nearly 9 pounds!), holds my gaze and smiles, grasps objects, rolls over, holds his head up and looks around the room, responds to voices and music, makes the most precious little coos and babbles… all this right on track despite the fact tht he was also born 5 weeks early. He is also super cuddly and affectionate, has managed to keep most of his hair (minus a thin strip around the back from rubbing when he lays down), and it looks like he is going to be another blue eyed boy! He’s just amazing 🙂

He does have one more test scheduled, his MRI, on Feb 9th in Little Rock. It was a big hassle to get it scheduled, but we were finally able to. I guess the fact that nobody is in a hurry to get it done must mean that his doctors are not terribly worried at this point. I think it is mainly to confirm his “official” diagnosis. He will have another follow up with a pediatric neurologist after the MRI. At this point I am feeling very optomistic!

Here are a few pictures of my miracle baby:

(I thought I had more… there must be some still in on my camera. I’ll add more when I get a chance.)


2 thoughts on “Ezekiel update

  1. I commented on a blog entry of yours before and after reading this update, I swear I could have wrote this myself. The only difference is that my son was born a month after yours and will not be scheduled for his MRI until he is 6 months old. He is also developmentally on par for where he should be. I too get that feeling of weight being lifted each time he does something we were told he may struggle with. Everyone comments on how he seems no different than any other baby. He is absolutely perfect to me. I wish I could go back to my 21 week ultrasound and tell myself not to worry, that everything would be fine. I find it amazing how similar our stories are and wanted you to know that Ezekiel has an ACC ‘twin’ up here in Alberta. Your son is absolutely precious and I am so happy for all of you that he is proving your worries wrong.

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