I got everything I wanted for Christmas this year ๐Ÿ™‚
I don’t know if it is the lingering pregnancy hormones, or the fact that my life is just that amazingly perfect right now, but I have been a weepy, overly sentimental mess lately. A good mess though. I just find myself clinging to every moment, wishing I could linger a bit longer, sad that these precious days are passing me by, but oh so happy that I have been blessed to experience them.

This Christmas I will remember:

~Having a little helper this year for all the baking and decorating and preparing
~Spending time with family
~Watching Miles tag along with his older cousins
~The joy on Miles’s face upon seeing all the iPads at Grandmother’s house
~Warm, sunny days more like October than December (you won’t hear me complaining that we didn’t have a white Christmas!)
~Zeke sleeping peacefully in his 91 year old great-granddad’s lap Christmas Eve
~Waking up the next morning to a drowsy, cuddly almost-three year old climbing into bed with mama and papa
~Looking over and seeing my precious baby, peacefully sleeping in his crib next to us
~A slow, lazy Christmas morning
~Babies in handknit outfits that took months to finish and will fit for only a few wearings… But are oh so worth it!
~Hearing Miles exclaim “Wow! a box!” as he opened the gift I planned for so long
~Jamming with my boys on the new bongos and maracas after Miles decided that the gift inside the box was pretty cool too
~Taking Miles to feed the horses with Tia Melissa and watching the sun set from the top of the mountain
~Cuddling up with all three of my boys on the counch and watching “The Nativity” and remembering what this season is really all about

I am so grateful for the memories made this Christmas, forever etched in my heart, and excited for all the memories yet to be made.

Miles’s portait of Mama and Papa. Why yes, I let my almost three year old use my $1000 camera, don’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚

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