A quick update

I’m still hanging out here at the hospital with Zeke. I was actually discharged Saturday, but Mercy provides a courtesy room (as long as they don’t need the space for patients) free of charge for parents with a baby in the NICU. Zeke is still doing well, but he had a few spells of very rapid/uneven breathing yesterday, so for now he is back on the oxygen. And since they don’t want him to try to nurse until he is off the oxygen, that means he is still getting his breastmilk through a tube in his nose 😦 The good news is that I really think he will do well once he starts nursing. He is sucking really well (they are giving him a pacifier while they feed him), is digesting the milk well, and gaining weight (he is just two ounces away from regaining his birthweight). I think that they are even planning to increase the amount that they are giving him today. They are feeding him every three hours, and I have been trying to go in and see him each time unless there is a shift change or something. Most of the time I get to hold him a while too, and I have noticed that his breathing seems to be very good when he is being held.

We got the results of his head ultrasound, and it showed basically the same thing as all of the ultrasounds we had while I was pregnant. His pediatrician is fairly confident that he does have complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, but would rather wait and have his MRI done by a specialist at children’s hospital in Little Rock unless there is reason to do one sooner. They are going to draw blood (a horrible, huge vial of it!) for chromosome testing later this morning, which should hopefully rule out a lot of associated issues, or at least alert us to potential complications before symptoms appear. The fluid levels in his ventricles has not changed and should not reqiuire any treatment if it continues to remain mild. So far, it appears that his ACC is isolated (not associated with any other health concerns). We are so happy and relieved that, so far, he appears to be doing just as well physically and neurologically as any other child born at 35 weeks. His muscle tone and reflexes are great, he is very alert and active when he is awake, can grab and hold onto things (including his feeding tube, oxygen, and all the wires and sensors they have him hooked up to, much to the frustration of the NICU nurses!), sucks and swallows well, and tries to nurse whenever I hold him. Oh, how it breaks my heart that I can’t let him yet 😦 He is just a perfect little miracle!

As far as the more fun details: he has a full head of straight, dark brown hair, and other than that one very big difference, looks very much like his big brother did as a baby. Very much! He even has the same wrinkly, old-man forehead when he gets frustrated 🙂 His eyes are very dark greyish-blue right now, so it is hard to tell what they will look like as he grows. He is just beautiful. I could sit and rock and stare at his peaceful little face forever if they would let me! I can’t wait to get him home and show him what family, and home look like. I can’t wait until he can meet his big brother in real life, unstead of from behind a tiny window. And speaking of his big brother, I can’t wait to get home to my Miles too! I’m really not used to being away from him, and even though he has visited a few times, I miss him terribly! I wish I knew how long it will be until we are all home together, but we just don’t know at this point. We have heard everything from 3-4 days (best-case, but not likely) to 2-3 weeks. Realistically, it will probably be somewhere in between. So far now we wait, and pray, and praise God for how well he seems to be doing so far!

Pictures very soon, I promise! I know my family in Wyoming is anxious! Stephen is supposed to bring the laptop so I can upload them from my camera later today. Well, that turned out to be not such a “quick” update at all, didn’t it? 🙂


3 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. Jodean,
    What a wonderful miracle GOD has given you, ZEKE of course but also the strength to trust in him and stay strong during this process. I know it must be hard at times. Stay strong and know you are an inspiration to us all.

    Much Love and Prayers,

  2. Jodean,
    Those boys could not have a better mama. I’m so glad that your newest addition is doing as well as he could be. Having a child is the most precious thing, and I can’t wait to see pictures. I really can’t wait to see the pictures a few months from now, when he’s home and embraced in the love of your little family. I’m thinking of you, and in awe of your strength. Big Hugs and God Bless.

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