Okay, stop twisting my arm already!

Not that anyone is still reading my poor, neglected blog or anything, but…

It’s a BOY! Or at least we are pretty sure it is a boy. We were not planning to find out, but with 6 ultrasounds already, somebody was bound to let it slip. If the ultrasound tech’s little slip up (and subsequent really, really bad attempt at a cover up) was not enough to convince me, I recently read that more than 75% of people born with ACC are male. So there you go. We are probably having a boy, and we are ecstatic! I think I will go ahead and have it confirmed at our next ultrasound (no, we are not done with those yet!) since I feel like the surprise is already kind of ruined, but in a way I am kind of glad to know. A surprise would have been nice, but somehow I think knowing has really helped me to process the information we learned about his diagnosis and to strengthen my bond with him as I prepare for his birth. I love being able to call him by name when I talk to him 🙂

And speaking of his name:

Ezekiel James Brannan

“Zeke” for short 🙂

6 thoughts on “Okay, stop twisting my arm already!

  1. Congrats! Great name. Also, I read your blog! I found it a few months ago while trying to sort through all the emotions of a miscarriage we had last spring. You’ve been a huge encouragement to me. Praying for you guys and little Zeke!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story and beautiful pictures.
    We have a beautiful grandson who was just born 2 days ago with the same conditions as your little one. I wish his mom could’ve read this during her pregnancy. There is so much more to learn but, like you we will just enjoy him for who he is and cherish the milestones which currently is how well he is breastfeeding!

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