My boys!

Boy, I have really been slacking with my photo updates! I have photographed two weddings lately and had a handful of other shoots, and by the time I take and edit all of those images, sometimes I frankly don’t even want to think about pictures for a couple of days  🙂 I did get out the camera for a little picnic/hike with my boys at Devil’s Den State Park the other day though:

Exploring at Devil’s Den SP.


I know Miles will hate me for this one when he is a teenager, but I just love it 🙂

Miles has become totally obsessed with bugs lately!

Oh, Miles. My sweet, sweet Miles. I am so grateful for his easy-going personality and propensity for long naps right now:) It has made this pregnancy much easier for me. He is such a treasure. I guess I should update a little about him since updates have been few and far between since the pregnancy exhaustion kicked in!

Miles has continued to blow me away with his development lately (here I go bragging again:) At 29 months, he is pretty much completely daytime potty trained, mostly of his own accord. I introduced him to the potty before he was one, and would put him on it frequently to familiarize him with it, but I have been anything but consistent with him about it. Especially after the miscarriage last fall and with the new pregnancy. But he just decided one day, almost overnight, that he was so over diapers and he has been in big-boy pants ever since. He still wears a diaper at night and naptime, although he doesn’t always need it a naptime and he has had THREE dry mornings in a row! The only sad part of this story is that lately he has decided that not only can he use the potty all by himself, he can empty the potty himself as well without telling mom… with some very messy results. We’re working on that one! 🙂

Also at 29 months, he can count to 20 (skipping the occasional twelve, and adding the occasional “eleventeen”!), he can recognize EVERY single letter, upper and lowercase, in any order and gets SO excited when he sees them on signs, packaging, liscence plates, etc… He even sang through the entire alphabet for the first a couple of weeks ago. He knows the first three letters of his name and can WRITE them! He also know almost all of his shapes, and not just your every-day squares, circles, and triangles. He also knows trapezoids, octogons, semi-circles and crescents… etc.

And of course the art teacher in me can’t help but get all giddy about his artistic development. He has started making the cutest little drawings of himself, complete with pupils, eyebrows, ears, hair, nostrils…. crazy detail for a two year old! I just can’t believe the attetion span this kid has. He will sit for hours at his chalkboard or easel working on his drawings.

He is so sweet and compassionate too. He can’t stand to see anyone hurt, and is always trying to hug and kiss kids at the playground when they fall down, etc… so cute!!! If I bump into something or hurt myself at all (I have the pregnancy clumsiness, big time!), he will run over to me and give me kisses to make it better 🙂 I can’t wait to see how he interacts with the new baby! I just know he will be a fantastic big brother!

Speaking of Miles and the new baby, I have to share a funny story. He is really too young to comprehend what is going on, but Stephen and I have been trying to talk to him about the baby often to familiarize him with the idea of a new brother or sister. We told him that the baby might be a girl or a boy, and that if the baby is a boy, he will be named Owen. Miles got super excited and refused to even acknowledge that he might have a sister instead. Only later when reading him his favorite bedtime story (about a mouse named Owen) did I realize that the reason he was so excited is that he thinks that it is the mouse Owen in Mommy’s tummy. He kept pointing to the pictures in the book and saying “Baby Owen! Baby Owen in Mommy’s tummy!” over and over! I’m afraid he may be a little disappointed to learn that the baby is in fact human 🙂

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