Happy birthday to the most amazing kid I know! Two years ago when you were born, I could never have imagined just how much joy you bring me each and every day. I love you Munchkin!

Friday morning it started snowing. We weren’t supposed to get much, but once it started it just didn’t stop. By friday evening, we had 4 or 5 inches of new snow (on top of all the old snow and ice!) and I started to worry that no one would be able to make it to your party on Saturday! I shouldn’t have worried though. You are so special that all of your friends braved the weather anyways just to come see you! Well, cabin fever may have played a small role in motivating them to come 🙂

Oliver, Madelyn, Caleb, Kyron, Jacob, and Arabella were all there, as well as all their parents, your Papa and Grandma Brannan, and Tia Melissa. We all had a great time celebrating your special day!

So what is life like with a two-year old? Well, you amaze me with something new each day! You are the happiest, goofiest kid I’ve met, and you make me smile every day. Right now, you know so many words and are just starting to put them together into little sentences. You’ve even figured out how to ask questions in your own silly way. Whenever you want something, I hear “Miles milk, m-kay?” or “Miles go outside, m-kay?” or “Miles watch movie, m-kay?” or my favorite: “Miles kisses, m-kay? You can recognize at least half of the letters of the alphabet, especially M for miles and C for cookie, and can say them, beginning with Q, all the way to the end. We’re still working on the first half 🙂 You know triangles, circles, squares, and stars, and you love pointing them out to me in your books. Speaking of books, you LOVE to sit and listen to Mama and Papa read to you, and we have been spending a LOT of time at the library this winter! One of your very favorite things to do is to help Mama bake. Mama got you your very own step stool so you can reach the counter and help mix muffins, or cookies, or bread….  You ask “Miles mixin’, m-kay?” at least once a day! You also love painting and play dough, and all things Elmo.

Today you woke up bright and early (a little too early for Mama!) singing the Sesame Street theme song: “Sunny day, Sunny day, Elmo sunny day!” You climbed up in bed with me and Papa and gave us each a big hug and kiss and then told us, very matter-of-factly that we needed to get up and play. You danced around in circles till you fell over dizzy while I fixed breakfast, and insisted on snuggling after your bath. You put on your big-boy underwear and your cowboy boots (and nothing else!) and proclaimed that you wear ready to go outside, and when we finally did (after Mama dressed you properly, of course) you squealed with joy as you hopped from one pile of snow to another on the way to the car.

That’s what life is like with a two-year-old. Very sunny indeed. 🙂



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