P365- Third time’s the charm???

I keep this blog mostly for myself. I love having a record to look back, especially as Munchkin grows and develops. I also like that my family can check in for pictures and updates since we don’t get to visit them nearly as often as we would like to. And maybe, just maybe there is someone else out there still following along with my increasingly infrequent ramblings….

I have decided to try p365 for the third time (they do say that the 3rd time’s the charm, after all…) and maybe the daily pictures will motivate me to update the blog more as well. We’ll see. I’m not going to be as strict with myself this time, because I burned myself out worrying about skipping an occaisional day or two the last two times I tried it. So yes, I will go ahead and admit it, I’m going to cheat this time 🙂 If I skip a day because things are crazy, or I just don’t feel “inspired”, who cares? If I want to take a catch-up picture the next day, why not? And If, at the end of the year, I don’t quite have 365 pictures, I’m not going to sweat it. The main goal for me is to capture more everyday moments with my family, and to hopefully improve my photography skills while I am at it. And neither one of those goals is dependent on me sticking to a strict set of rules. Anyways, I’ve don’t pretty good so far, with only one “cheat”

Here’s a little sampling of my year in pictures so far:

Starting the year off right with a batch of fudgy brownies!

I love that Munchkin loves books so much! This is honestly how I found him after his nap the other day 🙂


One of my students gave me this heart back in the day. I ran across it a while back, and thought it would look perfect hanging on Hope's tree.talk about sweetness! This is my friend Shawna's little boy, taken during my first photo session of the new year. He was just pretending to sleep 🙂

Nothing perks up a blah winter day like a batch of homemade muffins. These are pineapple yogurt muffins, and the weren't around for very long after I took this picture!I found Munchkin in the kitchen with his animals lined up at the cat bowls ready for feeding time. Unfortunately, Elmo was dunked in the water bowl just before the picture.



The rest are here.


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