(Redbud leaves)

For my daughter:

Your time was too short.
Too short for me to sing you lullabies as I rock you to sleep, to feel slobbery baby kisses on my cheek, to hold your hand as you take your first wobbly steps,
Too short to walk you to your first day of kindergarten, to hike with you to my favorite peaceful spot, to listen to you laughing as your big brother chases you in a game of tag.
Too short for me to watch proudly as you grow into the beautiful young woman you should have been.

But even such a short time was just enough to make the sunshine a little warmer on my face, to make the sunset a little more colorful, and the birds’ songs a little sweeter.
Just enough to make me hug my family a little more tightly, to find beauty in the smallest things around me, to love others a little more deeply, and to cherish each day that I have been given, even when it is hard to do without you here.
Your time may have been too short to change the world, but it was just enough to change me.
I love you, baby girl.


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