My mind has been running nonstop these past few weeks. I want to get some of the emotions out by writing them down but everytime I try to start a post, I get frustrated and give up. Sometimes there are just no words…

For Hope:

… because for the short time you were here, my life was a little more beautiful.


One thought on “

  1. Hi, found your blog after you shared your story on faces of loss. First of all, your son is gorgeous and you take some amazing photos. I lost a baby at 12 weeks in September of 2008 and still feel the effects of that loss almost daily. I live in Rogers and just wanted to say, if you ever want to get together for some hot tea, or just have a day where you need to talk about how unfair life is, I’d love that. I’m a transplant to the area and I’ve found having so few people here who knew I was ever even pregnant takes it’s toll.

    Sending many healing thoughts your way,

    Rochelle Boyce

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