A tree for Hope

My parents travelled from Wyoming this weekend to see us, and we had a little memorial service for Hope while they were here. Stephen and I put a lot of thought into what we wanted to do to remember our daughter, and decided a tree planted in our yard would be the perfect way to honor her memory. We went to the tree nursery last week to pick one out and found the perfect little redbud. Standing hand in hand with my husband under the heart-shaped leaves in the warm afternoon sun- that was the first time since we lost Hope that I actually felt some peace. This has been without a doubt the most difficult, trying time that I have ever experienced, but slowly I am starting to feel a bit better. I still think about her all of the time, but I am starting to feel more and more of those glimmers of peace every day. 

Anyways, we chose the redbud partly because I just love redbuds and partly because they are one of the very first trees to bloom in the Spring, when Hope should have been born. The spring blossoms are the most beautiful purple-pink color and cover every inch of the branches. In the summer the tree is covered with perfectly heart-shaped leaves. We planted daffodils- another early spring flower- around the base of the tree and gave bulbs to our families to plant as well. 

Watching everyone work together to dig the hole and plant the tree was an incredibly emotional moment for me. I think it also gave me a small measure of closure. I love looking out the window and seeing her tree there in the yard. I love taking a little time each day to water and care for the tree and think about my baby girl. I am excited for the day it will be covered with the first blooms of Spring. 

Thank you Melissa and Dad, for helping take some of the pictures… 

daffodil bulbs for Hope














4 thoughts on “A tree for Hope

  1. Jodean,

    My thoughts and many prayers go out to you and your entire family during this very tragic time. I pray that through the beautiful fall days that the ache in your heart will fade, and that the joy of the moments of beautiful memories will fill the void in your heart. You are a truely talented woman of God and your passion and love shows in everything you do even though I have only briefly met you.

  2. Such a thoughtful way to be reminded that the preciousness of Hope’s life will always be a part of who you are as a person and as a family!

  3. Jodean,
    Years have past since I have seen you. And yet I still know what a wonderful person you are. I hate that this has happened to you and your beautiful loving family. I know your pain will never cease, and I pray that God will ease your heart, little by little. I think this tree and ceremony for Hope is wonderful. I know that God knows how lucky he is to have your angel by his side. Sending love your way.

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