Imagine a love so strong that saying hello and goodbye in the same day was worth the sorrow. ~unknown 

I found this rock a couple of weeks ago as we were hiking on the banks of the Buffalo River. I just looked down and saw it there by my feet. I thought it was neat at the time and picked it up, not thinking too much of it. Later, while we were driving home, I gave it to Munchkin to play with in the car and it ended up thrown onto the floor of the car where it sat forgotten. Last Thursday after we returned from the hospital without our baby girl, Stephen found the rock in the car and handed it to me. A little reminder from God to me that he loves us and hasn’t forgotten.

This past week has been so hard. At times I have felt like I just can’t keep going forward without my little girl. I have kept this rock close to me the whole time, and each time I see it, I am reminded of the love I have for Hope and the love God has fo me. It brings me a small amount of comfort to think that such amazing love is possible. If there were some way to erase the pain; to make it like the past four months had never happened just so that I wouldn’t have to feel this loss, I would turn it down in a heartbeat. I wish she was still here with me. I would do anything to bring her back. My heart breaks all over again every time I think of her. But the love I experienced for that short amount of time was worth every bit of the pain.


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