The nights are the worst, when there are no distractions and I am alone in the dark with my thoughts. I just miss her so much. It’s hard to imagine that such a tiny life could leave such a huge hole in my heart. I felt her kick for the first time just about a week and a half ago, and now I just ache to feel her again. When you lose a child so early in their life, there are so few precious memories, and that first kick is one of the ones I am clinging to. And the day we first found out we were pregnant, the day we first heard her little heartbeat, those few precious minutes when we got to hold her after she was born… She brought us so much joy in the short time she was with us, and I will never, never forget her. I am looking forward to the day when I can think of these things and smile instead of cry, but right now it just hurts so bad. I hope she can feel how loved she was and how deeply she is missed.


4 thoughts on “Greiving

  1. Although I can never say that I know how you feel, I can say that when my best, most favorite daughter-in-law is hurting,I also hurt. It helps as I thank God that I still have you, Stephen, and Miles and the rest of the family to love.

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