Labor Day hike

I am so ready for fall! I just love waking up to crisp, cool mornings, especially when we get an opportunity to take advantage of such a beautiful morning for a hike. We got up super early Labor Day morning and headed over to the Buffalo River for some family time in the great outdoors. The Buffalo National River here in Arkansas is such a beautiful place. One of my favorites of all time:) And there are TONS of trails around the area for every type of hiker, including short several short, family-friendly ones like Lost Valley, as well as much longer backpacking trails like the Buffalo River Trail. Anyways, it was a lovely day to spend with my two favorite guys:)

We started off the adventure watching the sun rise as we drove through the scenic Boxley Valley:

Then we nearly got the poor Subaru stuck on a really rough 4×4 road down to the Buffalo near the Erbie campground (there is an easier way to get there, we just didn’t have the sense to take it:):

The drive was worth it though! What  a wonderful place to spend the day! Plenty of beautiful scenery, and lots of interesting historic sites to explore (Erbie was once a town with several hundred residents, but a few of their houses, barns, and the old church are all that remain).

All in all, a great way to spend the holiday! Munchkin did FANTASTIC on the trail, walking quite a ways on his own, and taking turns riding in the sling with Mommy or Daddy. He was sure tuckered out when we got home!


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