18 months

I keep telling myself I need to be a better blogger; I need to do a better job of documenting Munchkin’s little milestones while they are still fresh in my mind. Sometimes I look at him and I just can’t believe he is the same little guy that was just learning to sit up this time last year.  He has learned so much since then! The time has gone so fast, and yet, sometimes I can’t imagine my life before Munchkin- as if he has always been part of my life. I guess that’s parenthood for you:)

Munchkin is 18 months old today. Eighteen months. Can you believe it?!? Here’s what he has been up to lately:

  • He is literally learning new words every single day. And he is so proud of himself when he figures one out! The other day it was “apple” (or app-ah, in Munchkin speak) and he marched around the house, apple slice in hand, for a good half hour speaking, singing, and yelling his new word over and over.
  • He is climbing everything. He gets up on the kitchen counters, dining room table, in and out of his pack and play. He just finds himself a suitable step stool if necessary (a chair, toy, stack of books, etc…) and he is off. I found him on TOP of the stove the other day. Fortunately I don’t let him in the kitchen by himself if the oven is on at all, but still… yikes!
  • He can point to and say all of the parts of his face, plus his belly and toes.
  • Loves to color and paint (that’s my boy!) and has the most amazing attention span I have ever seen in a one year old child. He sat on the floor and colored in his sketch pad for the entire time that it took me to wash, peel, cook, and process a huge batch of canned tomatoes the other day and was just as content as he could be. He get’s the same way when he really gets into stacking his blocks, looking at his books, or lining up his hot wheels, etc. It is amazing to watch how intently he can focus on something. That is one thing he did NOT get from his mama!
  • Speaking of stacking blocks, I have decided he must be some kind of block-stacking prodigy. He had a stack the other day that was within just a few inches of being as tall as himself. I promise! I ran to get my camera because I was sure no one would believe me, but sure enough, he had knocked it over by the time I got back. That was the first time I had seen him stack the blocks that high, but I would say he averages at least 6-8 blocks before they topple.
  • He loves books. I really hope he never outgrows his love for books:)
  • We have been trying to tell him about the new baby, but I’m sure he doesn’t have a clue. He’ll pat my belly and say baby, but I don’t think he makes the connection yet. We did get him a baby doll though, and he has been carrying it around everywhere. It is so cute to watch him “take care” of it! The other day he climbed onto the counter and snatched a hot pepper and tried to feed it to his doll. Yikes! Hope he doesn’t try that with the real one!
  • He is such a happy boy! He really is. His personality is just so laid back and sweet. I keep waiting for the “terrible twos” that I see popping up with all of his little friends this age, but they just don’t come. Oh, he gets a little cranky from time to time, or frustrated if he can’t do something, but if I sit him down and talk calmly with him, he usually settles right down.
  • I’m happy to say he has been eating much better lately! He’s really into broccoli right now, and I hope it isn’t just a phase:) He has also been eating lots of fresh peaches lately since it’s peach season here in Arkansas. Yummy!

I just love this boy so much!:)


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