Language development, etc…

Munchkin has absolutely blown me away with his language development over the last two weeks or so!  He has gone from using just a handful of words consistently to two dozen or more. He also seems to understand much more of what we say to him, although that doesn’t always mean he listens:) Anyways, I have really been a slacker about updating here, but I wanted to make sure I documented some of the things he is learning while it is still fresh in my mind. Two weeks ago, he was saying: mama, dada, kitty, cheese, ball, bubbles (bubbas), hi, bye-bye, uh-oh, and shoes. Now he is babbling all the time and saying: puppy, duck, goose, quack, horsey, pony, pig, bird, fish, potty, poop, juice, big boy (his word for training pants), book, baby, belly, this, kiss, car, tree, good (usually followed by cheese:),  stop it (he told me to “stop it” when I was getting on to him the other day!)… and I’m sure there are more that I’m not thinking of at the moment. Car is currently his favorite word thanks, I’m sure, to his daddy’s coaching. We can’t walk through a parking lot without him either pointing to or touching the bumper of EVERY SINGLE car as we pass and making sure that I know it what it is.  He can also answer simple yes/no questions by nodding and shaking his head, follow simple commands like going to get his shoes, etc… and occasionally helping to pick up his toys (this doesn’t happen very frequently, but we’re working on it!) Oh, and he has recently started humming and singing. He really is the happiest, goofiest kid I have known. He keeps us cracking up, for sure!

Some other developments:

  • he has started climbing EVERYTHING. I have to take him off the dining room table every few minutes, and I even caught him half-way up his dresser the other day, pulling out and using the drawers as makeshift steps on his way up. Until he figured out the climbing thing, he has been really easy to keep an eye on: he rarely used to get into any trouble, and he isn’t terribly fast when he’s moving on flat ground. When he starts heading up though, watch out!  He is lightning fast! Sigh. Just when the pregnancy fatigue is setting in, too:)
  • At one point he was peeing in his little potty 4-5 times a day, and pooping in it almost every day. Unfortunately, as it became easier for him to get on and off the potty, it became increasingly difficult for me to get him to sit there long enough to do his business. To the point he was only peeing in it once or twice, and not pooping in it at all. So a couple of weeks ago, we got him a seat insert that fits the “big boy” toilet, and a stool. In some ways it has been a step forward: he now actually enjoys sitting on the potty and will sit for quite a while and read books, etc. But overall it has been somewhat of a setback since he hasn’t made the connection that he can use the big potty the same way he used his small one, and has only actually used it a couple of times.  Still, I’m hoping that if we keep trying it, he will make the connection and pick back up where he was with the small potty.  I usually keep him in training pants during the day, and diapers for naps, bedtime, and when we are out. He really likes the training pants, and tries really hard to keep them dry. He usually does too, holding it just until I put him in a diaper ( just after I give up because he’s been sitting on the potty twenty minutes!) Oh well:) Even if he’s still a ways from being potty trained, he’s still years ahead of the average American child who doesn’t even start until 3-3.5 or so.
  • He drives me crazy with his eating habits! Sometimes he will go days eating nothing but milk and maybe a few raisins despite my best efforts. He’s not really a picky eater, as far as his tastes go anyways, he just doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite at all. Even on a good day, he’ll usually eat about four to five bites at a meal, then decide he’s done and ready to go play some more. I haven’t weighed him since his 12 month check up, but I’m sure he’s not much bigger than he was then. I’m not one to freak out if my kid deviates ever-so-slightly from the bell curve, and I really don’t care what percentile he falls into, so long as he is healthy, happy and eating nutritious foods when he does eat (which I am very diligent about), but at a certain point even I get a little frustrated with him! He is still breastfed at this point, and I’m not really interested in weaning him completely, after all he isn’t even 18 months yet, but now that I am pregnant and since I have a really difficult time keeping my weight up even when I’m not breastfeeding and creating a new human being, I would like to get him to cut back a little. I hate to see him lose such a valuable source of nutrition though, given his otherwise sparse eating habits. Arrrgh! I wish he would just eat!:) Yesterday was little better (we are trying smoothies this week) and I am hoping- fingers crossed!- that this may be the key since he really prefers drinking to eating. You can sneak lots of good stuff into a smoothie:)

Yes, our Munchkin is quite a kid! I just love him to pieces:)

And a few pregnancy updates:

Sunshine (this one needs a blog name too!) is almost 7 weeks old now! The moment he or she was conceived, a unique human life with a unique genetic code that has never existed before and will never be duplicated again began.  All of the details needed to finish creating my son or daughter were there at that moment. Whether the baby will be a boy or girl, have blue eyes or brown, curly hair or straight. The color of her hair, the shape of his smile, whether she will be shy or outgoing, and whether he will be artistic, or athletic, or both… it was ALL THERE at THAT MOMENT.  This week he or she is starting to develop eyes, a nose and ears, as well as arms and legs, and already has a beating heart and tiny, developing brain and nervous system. How anyone could possible believe that this tiny UNIQUE life is somehow less than human and therefore doesn’t deserve the same chance at life that we “grown-up” humans do is completely beyond me. This is a soap box you don’t want to get me on, trust me. Probably the quickest way to get my blood boiling….

Anyways, with all the changes Sunshine is making on the inside, he or she is really starting to be noticed on the outside as well. I certainly don’t look pregnant yet (unless you maybe count the bloating- ha!) But I have been feeling much more nausea this time around than I did with Munchkin. Still not terrible nausea, (it takes a lot to make me throw up, even when I have the flu) but kind of a dull, moderately uncomfortable nausea that just doesn’t go away. Ever. It makes it really hard to make sure I am getting enough extra calories, especially since I am technically eating for three, but I’m trying my best! I have also noticed a change in my complexion, although unfortunately it’s not the beautiful, glowing skin I had with Munchkin. Actually, quite the opposite:-(  The tiredness seems better than last time, despite the fact that I am now chasing a toddler. I think that the fact my thyroid levels have started off so much more stable has a lot to do with that. Thank goodness for that anyways!

I think I mentioned before that Stephen and I have decided that we are going to try to have a home birth this time. We have been meeting with midwives in our area, and I am getting really excited about having a home birth! We have met with three so far, and have another meeting coming up on Thursday, although unless this next midwife really impresses me, I have already made up my mind. I am also going to continue meeting with my doctor along the way to continue monitoring my thyroid, but hopefully it will prove as uneventful as it did last time and won’t be an issue at all!


5 thoughts on “Language development, etc…

  1. How exciting you are having a home birth! 🙂

    I nursed through this pregnancy…we slowed down a ton around the second trimester though because I had a lot of soreness.I kept my supply till about 15 weeks then it just gradually diminished. But then to both of our joy the colostrum came in around 28ish weeks and then the soreness went completely away. Michaela has been enjoying having “milk” again. I am hoping to tandem nurse. I am really excited about it. I hope that your ideal situation happens too! As long as the child still wants to nurse I figured why stop a good thing? It hasn’t affected the pregnancy at all.

    That’s wonderful his language is exploding and he sounds like he is doing great with the potty too for that age! Michaela went through lots of those types of stages and we still have plenty of days like that but you know it is easier and nicer that they do know what to do on the potty.

    Oh and Michaela has only gained like a lb or two the past YEAR. The weight gain seems to slow down a ton for toddlers and she’s often going through pickier stages as well. It is tough on the mama. Sounds like you are doing great though.

    Excited for you.

  2. I just attended my first home birth as a doula and it was truly an awesome experience! Good luck! BTW, I LOVE your photography. My friend, Heather, had you on her blogroll and I have loved reading and looking at your blog ever since:)

  3. Ah, it’s always so great to read your updates and learn how your family is doing!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! 🙂 That’s exciting!

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