Incredibly blessed

Most of you probably already know our exciting news, but for those of you who don’t:

That’s right, we found out last week that we are pregnant with our second baby! We are SO excited about the newest addition to our family, and especially thankful that Munchkin will have a brother or sister who is so close in age. Stephen and I are both very close to our siblings (age and relationship-wise), so it has always been important to us that our children are not too many years apart. We are also thankful that Munchkin will have a permanent sibling relationship before we start fostering (we will probably wait until the baby is two or so and caught up on all of his/her vaccines since we are planning to space the shots out for this one too). I wrote a while back about my concerns that Munchkin would be an older, only child when we finally are able to start fostering, and would have to watch many brothers and sisters come and go from his life until we would be able to adopt (which could happen quickly, or could take many years) and it is so reassuring to know that now he won’t be alone through that.

So, was this baby planned? Sort of:) Since we knew it was going to be a while until we could begin foster-adopt with Munchkin’s modified vaccine schedule, and since we know we eventually want a big family made up of biological, foster and adopted children, we figured we might as well try. We honestly had no idea if it would happen though, given my history with PCOS and the fact that it took almost six years before we had Munchkin. And we certainly didn’t think it would happen so fast! In fact, it happened so fast (<2 months) that we are still several months away from having maternity insurance coverage (the private insurance we had to buy when Stephen started his new job has a one year waiting period for maternity coverage). Oops!:) We DID realize this could happen however, and we are not completely irresponsible: we do have a good sized emergency savings account, and we were already planning to have a home birth this time around which, so long as there are no complications, should be drastically cheaper than even our deductible last time. Even if we are not able to have a home birth and end up going to the hospital, the actual birth will happen after the waiting period is up so the expensive part will be covered, even if we have to pay all of the prenatal care out of pocket. Anyways, enough of that depressing insurance talk…

Have I mentioned that we are super excited?!? The baby will be here in early March, and I have a feeling that it is a girl! (Didn’t I say the same thing last time???:) I have already started making stuff for the baby, so I guess I will have to do a project post soon.

In other news, we had a great 4th of July weekend! We got to watch fireworks (twice!), spend time with friends at a cookout, and with family at the lake. Munchkin loved getting to stay up late and was really WOUND UP after his first fireworks show!

We have also been having good success with the garden:

I just love this picture of Munchkin “helping” me pick the first ripe tomatoes! Can you see why I don’t ever get anything done around the house?!? Anyways, we have a LOT of tomatoes this year, more than I have ever had before, and all without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Gotta love chicken poop:) We just picked the sweet corn this week also, and I will have to post a picture of it soon. It is the most beatiful corn I have ever seen…  seriously, there wasn’t a SINGLE bit of insect damage at all. Not bad for my first time growing corn, if I must say so:) We were planning to go blackberry picking this afternoon before it is too late in the season, but it doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate. Oh well.

Oh, I almost forgot! If you have been following me on flickr, you have probably noticed a lack of pictures lately. I recently moved all my photos over to smugmug in an attempt to sort of merge my personal photo site with a more professional looking site for my business and hopefully, simplify my life a bit! SmugMug offers online photo backup, just like Flickr, but it has WAY more options for customizing, organizing, and sharing PLUS (I love this part!) I can set up online ordering for my clients.  Woo hoo! I am VERY new to website design, so that part is still a work in progress, but it is getting there.


6 thoughts on “Incredibly blessed

  1. Congratulations! I’m interested in this journey of yours. My baby’s the same age as yours and we’re just getting started on the fostering-to-adopt process.

  2. i saw this on FB and forgot to congratulate you…so, CONGRATS!! so very happy for you guys!! can’t believe it happened so fast this time around…what a blessing!

    yea 🙂

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