Fun week

So much for posting something every day this week! I got off track when my dad missed his flight on Tuesday, and Munchkin and I spent and ENTIRE day in Tulsa waiting to find out if he would be able to get on a standby flight. The Tulsa airport happens to be fortunately close to the zoo, which made a really nice break when Munchkin got extra-cranky. Anyways we got home really late and I didn’t feel like blogging:) Then on Thursday, my sis and her three kiddos arrived for a short visit before she and my dad headed up to Wyoming. (she is planning to stay with my parents while her husband is deployed) There was too much catching up to do and fun to be had to spend our short visit blogging, so here I am, once again playing catch-up:)

My three nieces and nephews are growing like weeds, and the fact that we so rarely get to see one another only makes them seem to grow up faster. It’s times like these that make me wish there weren’t so many miles between us:( They are such sweeties, and we had a blast while they were here, even if it wasn’t nearly long enough. One thing I really wanted to do while they were here was to take some portraits of the kiddos for their dad for father’s day. My dad was also in the military, so I know how hard it is for families to be separated while one parent is deployed. I hope that these pictures make his day!

The newest of the nephews that I got to meet for the first time.

I have decided that my nephew is officially the most photogenic kid ever. Just look at those curls and bright eyes!

Do you recognize Willow’s dress and stuffed puppy? 🙂


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