Project update

I have decided on a whim that I am going to try to post something each day this week in an attempt to get somewhat caught back up with the blog. I have tons of unfinished drafts, and even more things rolling around in my head, and every time I sit down to type I just get overwhelmed with it all and give up. Well, today’s the day I will begin to tackle the mess:)

I like to use this blog to chronicle projects as I work on them, among other things, and since I haven’t done a project update in a looonngg time, I figure this is a good place to start!

Does it mean that we’re getting old when our idea of a fun night out on the town is going to the auction house? 🙂 Anyways, I won this old high chair for Munchkin and I am counting it as a project because it was rickety and wobbly and very much in need of some work when I got it!


The pattern for this knit market bag is from the spring issue of interweave knits and was a bear to make. I think I ultimately ended up redoing each row an average of three times before I actually finished it! I’m not really used to reading charts so I just kept getting off and not realizing it until a round or two later. It probably would help if I didn’t insist on working on it while watching Chuck, but these days Munchkin has been keeping me busy enough that tv watching is a luxury that I only afford myself if I am working on something else at the same time while he sleeps. So it was either fold laundry or knit, and I much prefer knitting:)

This week has been a frenzy to finish crocheting up the blocks for nephew Wyatt’s blanket (that I started well over a year ago…) and sewing them together before he comes to visit later this week. I am so excited to meet him for the first time, and hope that he likes his new blanket! The blocks are a hodge-podge mix of colors and textures, and I am happy to say that the entire thing was made without buying a single new skein of yarn! I have been trying to weed all of the acrylic/non-natural fiber yarns out of my stash for a while now, and this blanket pretty much did away with all the remaining pastels that I had accumulated over the years. I have seen the light, and I am a hardcore wool/cotton/linen/alpaca/etc… kind of gal now:)

Speaking of natural fiber yarns, I LOVE this yarn:

(no, really. it’s actually called I Love this Cotton! 100% cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby shown here in ivory, buttercup, pistache, and a blue that I can’t remember the name of. sorry!) The current project is a vintage pattern for a knitted sampler baby blanket circa 1978. Only I think my soft cotton yarn will make a much nicer blanket than the ecru acrylic nastiness that pattern actually calls for:)

I’m not one to typically go around endorsing products here on the blog, but I SO love this yarn that I have been using it for everything lately. It is strong- strong enough I actually have to use scissors rather than my teeth (I know, bad habit!) to break it.  It has a fabulously smooth texture when knitted up and just glides on the needles. It is washable.  And it is SOOOO soft. Really, really soft. The color selection isn’t fantastic, but it is decent, and the price??? 2.99 for a 100 gram ball. You can’t beat that! I really hope they add some new colors soon!

Anyways, enough about the yarn, here are a couple pics of things I’ve made with it (some of these are from way back in the day, like before Christmas, but I couldn’t remember if I have blogged them yet or not):



(the flower on the hat is not the cotton yarn- it came from my scrap stash)

Hmmm… I’m sure I’m missing some other projects. I have’t been very good about photographing everything that I finish!

Oh, I know! My birthay sweater! I never blogged about the very first sweater I ever finished that actually fit the way it was supposed to! I can’t believe I forgot about it… I guess the weather has just been to warm for sweaters lately 🙂 I will try my best to get some pictures of it tomorrow and post them. I am SO proud of how it turned out!

Getting my Etsy site up to date again is also on my ever-growing to do list, and you might just see some of the above items on there some day, if I ever get around to it!

Off to do some more creating while Munchkin sleeps!


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