saturday morning hike

Finally! Between photographing weddings, church/youth events, and other obligations, today was our first free Saturday morning in a long time, and our first opportunity to go for a hike this spring! Even so, we were not able to make a full day of it. We decided just to go to nearby Wedington since we had to be back fairly early, but it was still soooo nice just to get outside in the woods for a while! The Wedington area may not have the spectacular scenery that can be found further east in the Ozarks, but it is still a beautiful, serene area. There several miles of trails and since a service road winds around and cuts across the trail at several points, it is really easy to drive out to one of the crosses and hike a new short section of trail each trip. Here are a few highlights:

Nothing like being up before the sun to start the day off right! I had Stephen pull over so I could get a shot of the sun rise through the fog, but I really didn’t do it justice. It was so beautiful! A few minutes later, the sky lit up with the most beautiful orange, but unfortunately by then there was not even a remotely scenic area to pull off for another picture.

I always like to stop and soak in the details… even if I look a little weird laying my head on the ground to snap a picture! I don’t even know what these are- moss spores? Anyways, I really liked the warm colors against the green of the forest.

Munchkin loves hiking, can’t you tell?? 🙂

He loves his daddy too!

This was supposed to be a really cute shot of Munchkin hugging his favorite Monkey, but at the last minute he decided to throw Monkey to the ground. He then proceded to rub Monkey’s face in the dirt. Poor Monkey…

What a beautiful morning! I just love watching Munchkin explore the world. He is learning so much and takes EVERYTHING in. All the little details that us grownups so easily overlook are never lost through a child’s eyes.  Every rock, every stick, every leaf…. he was facinated with them all. He was especially excited to hold a turtle for the first time today!

Hopefully this was just the first of many more hiking trips to come this year! Stay tunded for more hiking adventures with Munchkin!


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