I love this boy…

He about drove me crazy today.

I am soooo far behind on everything it seems… the house is a mess, I have projects that need to be done, photos that still need to be edited, obligations galore. Two photo sessions this weekend. I’ve been trying to get all the plants out in the garden (had to buy tomato plants after a certain very naughty kitty decided to snack on my seedlings.) I have Dr appointments that need to be made, a cat that needs to go to the vet.  I have to have some sketches done by Sunday for the nursery mural that I am painting at church so that the Board can see them,… I even forgot to cook supper this evening (???)

I so didn’t need Munchkin to be extra clingy today. More than usual, which is already very clingy. I was about at my wit’s end when Stephen came home from work, only to leave again for a men’s meeting that he is speaking at tonight. I had already ran Munchkin’s favorite DVD twice this afternoon so I could try to get stuff done and was feeling pretty guilty about it.  

I was at my wit’s end, so I just decided to take Munchkin out for a bit of fresh air. We left my unfinished sketches scattered out on the dining table, left the laundry in the dryer to wrinkle, left the sticky kitchen floors that need mopped (again). We sat out on the weedy front lawn that really needs mowed, and blew dandilions. It felt good:) I watched Munchkin as he ran around picking the flowers and stretching to hold them high above his head so the wind would catch the seeds. He had his face turned up towards the sun and was grinning like he had just discovered the most amazing secret of the universe.  And I was totally humbled. Everything else can wait. This is what really matters. I love that boy! Even when he’s a handful. Especially when he’s a handful. Every moment of every day.


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