P365 Update

I am still keeping up with P365 (well, mostly… I have missed a few days here and there), although I haven’t kept up blogging about it 🙂 Anyways, I need to start blogging more regularly, and I’ll start by committing to weekly picture updates.

Here’s the past week, Sunday to Sunday, plus a couple of runner-ups:

03.14 Some baby clothes I have been sewing lately. I was trying to do one of my standard project photo-shoots to document my work, but the wind was fighting me:)

03.15 Munchkin’s driving! Watch out! Actually, this is Stephen’s 62 Chevy truck, and it doesn’t even run. Munchkin sure had fun pretending that it did though!

03.16 Father and Son. I am so happy that Mile’s little Converse shoes fit him now! His feet are HUGE compared to the rest of him, but they are still absolutely adorable!

03.17 Just got back from grocery shopping and these pears were speaking to me. It looked to me like there was a little dialog going on between these three:)

03.18 Trying out an experiment with my patient husband. I was attempting to do a “bokehrama” (several close up, shallow depth-of-field photos stiched together in photoshop to create a more wide-angle perspective) This one is only a couple of shots, there are a couple of more extreme examples on my flickr site.

03.19 We came across this fence in an old neighborhood nearby and I just liked it.

03.20 How about almost a foot of snow for the first day of spring? I think we broke a few local records with this one! And to think, only a day earlier it was nearly 70 degrees outside…

03.21 Seen from my living room window. (You thought I went out into the cold for this??)

Here are a couple of runner-ups that didn’t quite make the cut, but that I still love:

My objective with P365 is threefold: to document my day-to-day life in pictures, to improve my photography creatively, and to improve technically. I am thinking of starting to give myself weekly assignments or themes to help me work on these three areas. Not every photo for the week will have to relate to the assignment, but the majority will. I’ll post more once I have decided on some assignments, and you are welcome to join in if you would like!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my new photography blog!


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