01.25.10 Growing up too fast


I was working on a bottomless pile of  laundry this morning when I heard some babbling from the baby’s room. I peeked around the corner and saw my little Munchkin “reading” his books. I still had a lot of laundry to fold, the floors to mop, vacuuming to be done, the breakfast dishes to be washed, the cat litter box to change…. but instead, I stood there and watched my little man. And wondered when he changed from a baby to a toddler. Those other things can wait. This is what is important.

I love those little moments that remind me to slow down and enjoy life.

And then I ran and grabbed my camera:)


4 thoughts on “01.25.10 Growing up too fast

  1. That’s my nephew…. can’t wait to hear those first few words he “reads!” You’re so right… these beautiful moments will be gone all too soon. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. He’s really into imitating right now, and he thinks that holding a book and jabbering is “reading” because he sees us do it. It is SO cute to watch! Oh, and he also imitates sneezing and coughing, which is pretty hilarious:)

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